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Delayed Entry Program

The first step.

Congratulations on your loved one's decision to join the United States Navy! There are new experiences and opportunities ahead. As a member of the Delayed Entry Program, the candidate will begin Navy activities immediately.

There will be opportunities to learn more about the Navy's programs, which will help future Sailors prepare for recruit training. During DEP the Navy candidate will learn the core values of the Navy, the 11 General Orders, and other traditions. And so will you 🇺🇸

Recruit Training Command

Foundational Training

The mission of Recruit Training Command is embodied in the Commander's Creed. 

"To transform civilians into smartly disciplined, physically fit, basically trained Sailors who are ready for follow-on training and service to the fleet while instilling in them the highest standards of Honor, Courage, and Commitment."

Your first week of updates will include:
• your SR's Ship/Division,
• meet other families in member area
• SR mailing address,
• the definition of P-Days,
• and much more




A-School & Training

Technical Training

The new Sailor will attend Navy A School after they have completed boot camp. The length and location of training depends on the specific rating. Navy A School does not have as many restrictions as boot camp, but does not have as many freedoms as a sailor will once they complete training.

As sailors gradually move through A School and complete different phases, their restrictions are slowly lifted and liberties are increased. Navy A School will teach functions related to rating job duties, but also ensure that sailors meet satisfactory physical requirements, appearance requirements and academic standards.

The Fleet

The Mystical Fleet

The term 'fleet' traditionally is used to describe the United States Navy's powerhouse of roughly 430 ships in active service or reserve. However, active duty use the term to describe the final leg of their training and starting their career.

The United States is home to more than 40 naval bases spread across the eastern and western coasts. The nation is also home to the world’s biggest naval base, Naval Station Norfolk. (See more bases)

The Final Orders Home

Transitioning out

The success of your loved one may end in four, or after twenty plus years of dedicated service. The transition from the military to the civilian world is the last step in the journey.

Our Military Career Exploration platform creates a smooth transition from the military world to the civilian sector. Our military-civilian job crosswalk easily identifies a career path matching your loved one's skills.

Consistent Updates

Communication can be limited and brief. Receive weekly & monthly updates from your Sailor right to your phone and email.

Delay Entry Program

Preparing for RTC

Our DEP 360 program offers you and your recruit the opportunity to prepare for Recruit Command Training (RTC), both as a recruit and a loved one. Join other families for advice & guidance.

Recruit Training

What is my recruit doing? We send you weekly updates.

Our team of military veterans and active-duty spouses will keep you up-to-date on your SR's training schedule, goals, and objectives by sending weekly updates right to your phone or email.
Each week received articles, images, videos, and fun quizzes

A-School & Training

The next step in the journey

Boot camp training is complete and the pace is about to pick up. Updates don't have to wait for a call or letter. Start receiving custom weekly updates from your Sailor.

In the Fleet

The Navy Career

Your Sailor's first assignment or deployment doesn't mean your communication stops. Receive monthly updates directly to your phone from your Sailor. Choose from our database of questions and we will do the rest. We make it easy for your Sailor to provide consistent updates.


A few of our amazing members ❤️

Maureen S

Navy Mom

The app provided lots of fun activities, such as online, trivia, scavenger hunts, & laughter Yoga It really helped me get through while my son was at boot camp. I am so grateful, everyone is so nice and a great support system. Love being a part of it.    

Cheryl L

Navy Mom

Awesome!!! I wish I'd known about this group earlier. Of all the so-called "support groups" out there, this one is by far the best! I didn't get to use their travel agent services. But, it seems that they're very valuable for that! Great page, y'all!

Hannah N

Active/Recruit Spouse

I reached out to Andrew on the best way to cancel our flights with Delta and was able to get a full refund. Thanks for all you’ve done for our community. You’ve gone over and beyond to help us and it doesn’t go unnoticed. ⚓️

Stacey P

Navy Mom

Oh my goodness!! Thank you for all of the Graduation travel planning. Even though we had to cancel everything... I literally had to do nothing except give my dates. I will use your service again once I’m able to go and see my girl!!! Thank you!! 💙⚓️🙏🏽🇺🇸 ✈️

Amazing Connection Tools

Connecting through words, images, networking, and care ❤️

360QA Messaging 

Receive consistent updates from your Sailor each month.

Stay connected with your Sailor once they hit the fleet.  360QA allows you to choose questions from our database of questions - we will ask your Sailor the questions on your behalf - and alert you when the answers are available in your secure Military Diary.

   KUDO    Boards

Celebrate your loved one with an online Kudo board. 

Add messages, GIFs, photos, & videos! KUDO boards are great for recruit letters, boot camp graduation, A-School, birthdays, deployments, and other special occasions.

Member Directory

Join a secure portal and connect with other families.

Join our private directory of family members who have SRs in the same SHIP and Division. And because it is secure, you can share more information vs. Facebook. Stay connected with the community beyond graduation and into the fleet.

Care Packages

Free S&H w/ orders over $49.99

No Hassle ordering. No more filling out address & complicated custom forms. Our partner, Troopster, a nonprofit 501c3 charity was founded by Navy Veteran Chelsea Mandello and offers a point-and-click order system for care packages. Save up to 15% on each order.

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